Footnotes on Chapter 1 - Allegorical Myth

The "we" being referred to in the "logical progression of unconscious thought" is actually people who regularly use their brain in some capacity. I like to refer to this percentage of us as "skeptic optimists". Questioning things should be a part of your regular routine if you have average to above average intelligence.

I no longer eat at any fast-food chains, although I do occasionally eat at local seafood joints and chicken shacks and so forth. My favorites right now are Chicken King, BBQ King, Juniors Pizzeria, Hunan Express and Hibachi Express. I'm not a big fan of consuming the flesh of mammals, although I do it occasionally (maybe a couple of times a year).

My use of "the N word" is completely contextual in an academic sense. 
For my analysis of that word and its intended usage, please visit my blog 
the origins of slang.

I may not have all the facts of the story correct in regards to the "yard sale lady". If any of you knew her personally or heard different details about the story, you are welcome to share, but my references to it were anecdotal. So additional details may be interesting but probably not important.

The statistics on crimes committed by atheists vs. theists or religious people were quoted about 5 years ago, but the variance today has not increased dramatically. The slight increase can be attributed to a younger generation identifying themselves as "spiritual but not religious", which is complete agnostic cop-out bullshit as far as I'm concerned. Those of us who identify ourselves as spiritual do not need to add the phrase "but not religious", because we know that is a given. Spirituality is actually the opposite of religion, as religion requires subjugation or submission through faith. Whatever "god" is, it already knows it is greater than me. I don't need to remind it of that fact.

In regards to evolution, I think the "adaptation" aspect is very plausible, but there is still no physical evidence (i.e. missing link) that any creature became any other creature, gradually or otherwise. Evolution is still just a theory. Like it or not. 

In regards to creationism, It isn't what you think. Adam was not the first man who was created. He was just the first thing the "adonai" or "lords" placed into Eden. If you re-read the book of Genesis objectively and carefully, you will understand the allegorical myth (and contextual metaphor) about creation and understand completely where Cain's wife came from and why Abraham was always acting bananas.

I really did not want to reference the Star Wars films, but again it was an example I felt that most people could automatically relate to. If you have never actually seen any of those films, chances are you understood the analogy without need of a reference. 

Footnotes on Chapter 2 - C'est la Guerre

I tend to use alternate spellings, especially between British English and American English grammatically. I think sometimes I may even alternate unconsciously between them, creating unnecessary pauses in the process. I also used "bolder" (impudent) instead of boulder (big rock) similarly to Oscar Wilde, as facetiousness, but I kind of messed it up. It wasn't exactly what I meant, so some in versions it is excluded.   

I'm sorry I used the old pope's real name. I couldn't remember his church folk name. And yes, voluntarily or not, he worked for the Nazis.


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